Environmentalist? Feminist? Animal Activist? Humanitarian? World Peace? Not Vegan?

Environmentalist? Feminist? Animal Activist? Humanitarian? World Peace? Not Vegan?

“In studying the traits and dispositions of the so-called lower animals, and contrasting them with man’s, I find the result humiliating to me.” ~Mark Twain

For us “humane-beings” who believe (tell ourselves) we care about our environment, nonhuman and human animal rights, and promote Peace on Earth, that are not yet Vegan — clearly our cognitive dissonance is rearranging the recycled deck chairs on our Titanic!  

Cognitive dissonance (CD): The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, esp. as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. 

Our Human-Centric Cognitive Dissonance 

We human animals excel at denying that we have inconsistent thoughts (conflicting beliefs) by minimizing the importance of the conflicting belief that is most disruptive: fears of being different, inconvenienced, and/or isolation from our herd. Our most glaring example is that we live in a meat and dairy (MAD) consuming world, and yet claim to love nonhuman animals!? Clearly, for the majority of our human herd, we do not love all nonhuman animals. We tend to love the ones that we feel (believe) are attractive or endearing in some way; especially those who love us back! Human rights and Peace activist know this phenomenon well — we do this with human animals also; especially when we want something from them!


For environmentalist; those who have paid even the slightest bit of attention for the last few decades, the current data is overwhelmingly obvious — beyond our CD of course — that if we are not Vegan, we are participating in destroying our planet at a level that exceeds all forms of transportation, and then some.   Driving a hybrid car and changing light-bulbs (now known to contain mercury resulting in greater environmental destruction than previously existing bulbs) has been nothing more than eco-green-consumer hype at its most shameless!

MAD consumption produces over 50% of “the most destructive” greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide), consumes 70% of BLM land in the U.S., and since the 1970’s has been responsible for up to 90% of Rainforest deforestation. Nonhuman animal consumption consumes up to 70% of our world’s agricultural land: on average a MAD diet uses 7 times more land than a plant-based diet. Toxic waste: The USDA estimates that nonhuman animal farming produces 335 million tons of  toxic “dry matter” per year in the U.S., and one dairy farm with 2,500 cows produces as much sewage as a city with approximately 411,000 residents. Also, as any aware environmentalist knows, the devastating ecological effects of our erroneous consumption of MAD is accelerating relative to our population growth.


“A vegetarian diet is the acid test of humanitarianism.” ~Leo Tolstoy

Over 40,000 humans die of starvation everyday on our planet, and the major cause is MAD consumption by CD ridden human herbivores! Untold millions are displaced from their lands by global MAD production so “a few” may consume their erroneous omnivorous diet: 1 acre of land can produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes or 250 pounds of meat (sentient being). MAD diet versus Vegan diet: MAD consumption wastes up to 14-18 times more land, 12-16 times more water, and 17 times more energy than a Vegan diet. Obviously if our human herd ate its natural plant-based diet, we would dramatically decrease — if not eliminate — our worldwide starvation and malnutrition deaths (populicide)!


For any feminist that cannot see through the MAD hype of consuming another mother’s milk and feeding on her children’s flesh, or cannot empathize with her pain and grief concerning the loss of her children, enslavement, exploitation, and repeated rapes until her murder, must be suffering greatly from CD.  If we cannot feel for these beings, then maybe for the human mothers and children who are displaced from their lands to grow crops for nonhuman animals that we insist on consuming to satiate our elitist desire for MAD.

Let us not placate our CD with stories of “happy meat and dairy” delusions; these females and their children are every bit as sentient and deserving of liberation as humans. To continue to finance their enslavement and exploitation through industries, that liberated females and their consumer dollars have created (women represent 70+ percent of the consumer dollar spent in most developed nations), would be an even greater abomination — if possible — because “NOW” we know what liberation is, and is not; none are truly free until ALL are free!


For the unaware eco-consumer who has been greenwashed by the psuedo-eco-industries that want nothing more than to sell us recycled deck chairs, please consider a few facts beyond the eco-green-hybrid-hype.  Your cow, chicken, pig, lamb, fish, and dairy eating diet is equivalent to running your shower — with or without your water-saving-shower-head — 24/7 365 days a year!

Water consumption Per-Day!

Meat-Centered Diet = 4,000 gallons of water

Vegetarian = 1,200 gallons of water

Vegan = 300 gallons of water

2,500 gallons of water yields – 100 pounds of potatoes, 50 pounds of fruit or 1 pound of meat (sentient being).

The energy wasted for MAD consumption is 15 times greater than growing our natural diet and eating our plant crops directly.  It takes up to 22 pounds of wheat, soy, grain, corn, etc., to produce 1 pound of flesh.  Clearly our consumer demands dictate supply, so for the future of our planet , it is imperative that we are CD free consumers!

Animal Lover/Activist?

For animal lovers/activists the CD phenomenon is especially obvious concerning saving one while enslaving, exploiting, killing and consuming  the other. If you are an activist for wildlife then please consider the following: “Wildlife Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, was a major force in eliminating wolf and grizzly bear populations in the continental United States. Today, the program spends over $100 million annually to kill more than one million animals.” NRDC. This is just one of the many devastating wildlife mass murders committed in the name of MAD consumption!

For those who focus primarily on loving dogs and cats — who are unnaturally bred and separated from their families for our companionship — then clearly the need for nonhuman animal companionship is greater than compassion and advocacy for the lives of all nonhuman animals. If the focus is rescuing those who are no longer fulfilling human-centric desires — while the efforts are admirable — the reality is futile if still consuming others; saving dogs and cats while consuming cows and chickens is CD on a level that only generations of MAD marketing can breed!

Peace Activist?

“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” -Leo Tolstoy

Chronic Cognitive Dissonance or Humane-beings?

Clearly human animal’s greatest cognitive disorder has been the need to convince (delude) ourselves that we are compassionate and thoughtful humane-beings. While we are certainly full of thought, our planet and ALL her animal’s futures, are dependent upon our humane actions. These actions can only be found in our ability to confront our inconsistent beliefs (MAD consumption) with facts (human animals are herbivores), and only then can we call ourselves humane-beings!


WorldWatch Institute

2,500 Gallons All Wet?

Meat’s Not Green

You Can’t Have Meat and Clean Water, Too

How Our Food Choices can Help Save the Environment

The Mathematics of Starvation

Please note beyond the statistics: Vegan Zeitgeist always assumes that progressive and informed human animals are acutely aware that to enslave, exploit, and/or murder ANY sentient being, for any reason, is the most grievous act against all humane-kind!


About Vegan Zeitgeist

Learning and sharing all things Vegan 4 LIFE! My passion (practice) is Veganism ~ Ahimsa (non-violence) so ALL may Live! (: Ⓥ :) We Are Human Animals Evolving ~ Therefore We Are Vegan! Life to ALL All-Ways! Lain

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  1. Here’s an answer. A large party of dogs suruornding voting stations on election day. All of the dogs would be foaming at the mouth. Those who couldn’t summon the courage to walk by the dogs would have their voting cards taken away. Those who could man up to the dogs would be allowed to vote. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s a start.

  2. Great article, thank you, issues that need to be more prominent in the movement.

  3. Helina Million

    Riveting piece! What we feed to our subconcious mind can easily be rendered into reality. The sooner we learn to dispel our CD the faster we save our ONE planet.

    Profound arguments!

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